Enough suffering!

Forget diabetes!

Blood glucose level stabilization is guaranteed
An opportunity to regain a full life and normal diet
Natural ingredients without the burden on the liver
96% chance that the risk of gangrene is gone forever
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One box contains five reusable plasters.
€ 54.00

€ 44.00

One box contains five reusable plasters.

Incredible effectiveness

Clinical studies of 3000 participants.

Clinical studies of “DiaRemedium” were carried out in Germany at the end of 2013. There were 3000 participants with different types of diabetes.

The effect astonished doctors as well.

The participants involved in the study used “DiaRemedium” for three weeks. The results surprised the doctors as well.

Three weeks, and the disease was gone

Type 1 and type 2 diabetes were in remission within three weeks in all cases; others recovered after four weeks. There is no treatment as effective among currently known therapies.

“DiaRemedium” – the №1 anti-diabetes method in Europe based on 2013/14 sales figures. Several million people have purchased it, and if it helped them, it will help you, too!

What does this great effectiveness mean for the treatment of diabetes?

“DiaRemedium” is the result of ancient Chinese medicine’s knowledge and ingredients. This, combined with today’s technology, created these transdermal plasters.

Anti-diabetic plasters whose unique active ingredients are absorbed through the skin.

Blood circulation will distribute the healing agents to all parts of the body. Then the active ingredients will reach those organs that need to heal.

How does it work?

The plaster helps the body get rid of diabetes through the sole of the foot. Plant extracts on the plaster gently help the active ingredient to saturate the body in appropriate amounts and normalize the blood glucose level. The plaster also helps you overcome the symptoms of type 2 diabetes, which are shortness of breath, impaired memory, frequent urination, numbness and pain in the limbs.

One box contains five reusable plasters.

Important advantages

  • 1
    No adverse effect on the body; made from herbs
  • 2
    Utilizes the thousand years of experience of Eastern medicine
  • 3
    No special administration is required, which helps the healing process
  • 4
    Long-lasting results, even after the cure
  • 5
    The product has a quality certificate and is secure
  • 6
    Causes no harm to the stomach, bowels or liver compared to tablets and capsules
  • 7
    Causes no disturbance to the integrity of the skin compared to injections
  • 8
    It is easy and comfortable to use; just stick it on overnight
  • 9
    All necessary certificates are included
  • 10
    Not only does it help in the treatment of diabetes but also in the treatment of accompanying symptoms
“DiaRemedium” – the best solution currently available. Many men and women of various age groups have tried it. Try it for yourself!
One box contains five reusable plasters.

Beneficial effect
on the body

  • Helps in the regulation of the body’s hormone balance,
  • strengthens the walls of the blood vessels,
  • normalizes blood pressure,
  • strengthens the work of the heart,
  • lowers blood cholesterol level,
  • makes up immune deficiency in the body,
  • cleanses the body from toxins.

What do doctors say about the plasters?

“Nowadays we have several tools to cure diabetes. But most of them aim to relieve the symptoms, not treat the disease itself.

These american plasters with chinese herbs have lots of benefits and help you combat the diabetes and its complications.

The plaster has a high effectiveness that has been proved by research in practical cases. After recommending it to my patients, the dynamics of diabetes therapy has apparently improved”.

Ronald Richards


One box contains five reusable plasters.

Angelica Sinensis

Commonly known as dong quai or "female ginseng". The yellowish brown root of the plant is a well-known Chinese medicine used over thousands of years for cardiovascular conditions, inflammation, infections, fatigue and high blood pressure, which always accompany diabetes.

Radix Pueraria

Puerarin, one of several known isoflavones, is found in a number of plants and herbs, such as the root of Pueraria (Radix puerariae) notably of the kudzu plant. Radix Puerariae has been traditionally used for the treatment of diarrhea, acute dysentery, deafness and cardiovascular diseases.

Radix Rehmanniae

This is a genus of six species of flowering plants in the order Lamiales, endemic to China. Known as dìhuáng, R. glutinosa is used as a medicinal herb for arthritic conditions within Chinese traditional formulations.

Radix Paeoniae Rubra

It has been popular among Eastern healers for the treatment of diabetes since ancient times. Able to “feed the liver and the kidneys”.

Lycium barbarum

It is also known as Goji berrie. The antioxidant content in Lycium fruit is very important as a free radical fighter. Antioxidants protect the cells from damage that could cause health problems. Antioxidants are believed to slow the aging process and combat all types of disease and ailments.

User guide

  • Wipe your foot with a wet towel.
  • Open the package, and take the protective foil off.
  • Stick the plaster on your sole.
  • Wear the plaster for 8 hours, for 3–4 days.
  • Wash the area where the plaster was with warm water.
  • Recommended duration for the cycle of treatment– 24 days.

It’s enough to simply stick the plaster on your sole – and the healing agents will be absorbed into your blood.

After sticking the plaster on, massage the area for 1–2 minutes so that the mixture of herbs can infuse the skin sooner.

Take the plaster off after 8 hours. Continue the treatment for at least 8 days.

For best results, 2-3 cycles of use are recommended.


I ordered the antidiabetic plaster, and I would like to share my impressions. This method is comfortable and actually nearly invisible. Now I feel relieved, my heart works better, my blood pressure is normalized, and I have no shortness of breath when I take walks outside. My general condition has improved! I believed in it, and it didn’t let me down! I recommend it to everyone suffering from diabetes!

The plaster decreased my glucose levels to 3 units after two uses. Many thanks. I will recommend it to everybody!
Christine Hrabar

We have received your product. My grandmother used it just twice before her blood glucose level dropped to 3 units. Many thanks.

Emily Sullivan

In fact, I don’t understand how this plaster normalizes blood glucose level. Before using it, my glucose was 9–11 with the usual symptoms. After, it went down to 5–6. This is kind of incredible, but it’s true. I regularly measured my glucose during the treatment, and it didn’t go up, just decreased.
I feel better. And while I was using the plaster I felt a kind of lightness in my legs. I have just ordered two more packages, just to make sure my glucose level doesn’t go back up.
I am very satisfied with this plaster and recommend that everybody with diabetes try it.

Petra Smith

What do you get if you order the plaster?

Chinese anti-diabetes plasters

Buy now One box contains five reusable plasters.